Window Clings Sell Your Message

Posted on July 17, 2017

Window clings, also known as static clings, are a great way to advertise your business. With their variety of types, you can find a use for them anywhere!

Window clings draw attention to products, specials and sales

Here at Houston Sign Company, we offer 3 different types of window clings:

  1. Our standard white cling is a single layer of thin vinyl with no adhesive. It can be mounted on the exterior or the interior of the window, depending on which side you want people to be able to view it. This is our most economical window cling.
  2. Easy-dot clings are our middle option. They have what is known as an “air egress system” which allows for the removal of bubbles. This makes for a very professional appearance, and makes them easy to put on and take off! These clings are used nationwide by retail chains and outlets.
  3. Our most expensive option is the double-sided cling, which has a black layer in between two printed pieces of vinyl to block out light. This helps people view it on either side of the window without one side being distorted by light shining through. These can only be mounted on the interior of windows.

If you would like to go a step above typical window clings AND utilize your larger window spaces for some advertising, we do perforated window clings as well! Also known as “window perfs”, these clings are mounted on the exterior of windows and are specially made to allow visibility from the inside but not from the outside. They are also helpful in reducing interior heat from the sun, and are most beneficial on windows facing south or west.


Window clings are incredibly easy to use! Just spray the area with a bit of water, wipe it down, and position the cling where you like. NEVER spray the area with Windex or similar cleaners, as the ammonia in them eats vinyl and adhesive.

If you mess up on the positioning, not to worry! Window clings are repositionable upon application. However, be careful when trying to move them after they have been sitting in the sun, as they may stretch due to the heat from sun exposure.