Importance of Retail Store Signage for Your Interior & Exterior

importance of signage in marketing

What is store signage, and why is it so important to the success of your retail operation? Today, we’ll answer these questions, and provide you with some retail store signage tips!

What Is Signage in Retail?

So, what is retail signage? Signage is all about visual representation. You’re providing information and direction to both your customer base and potential clientele. You might be informing them about your store, office, services, sales, etc. Good signage can serve as the face of your company.

Importance of Signage in Retail

Let’s touch on the importance of signage in retail. The list below allows you to see just how powerful signage can be.


Your retail signage is like a giant megaphone, speaking your existence to the community (and beyond). It generates interest. Best of all, the masses can locate your storefront in a plaza or mall. They know exactly where you are because of your window decal or lobby sign.

retail store signage tips

If they can find you, they can shop at your establishment. If things are too confusing and your store is hidden, customers will often turn around and give up. Worse, they won’t remember you’re there when they finally do have a need for your products.

Clear, Catchy Communication

Retail signage is one of your main lines of communication. This is often the first way your customers hear from you, whether you realize it or not. Perhaps you have news to share, sales to announce, or new products to celebrate and advertise. Your exterior signage is on the frontlines of communication.

But even interior signage can extend vital, persuasive information to your clientele. This is how you make your customer base feel involved. When they are in-the-know, they’re likely to return. They love hearing about upcoming products, services, sales, giveaways, store events, and more.

Brand Recognition

Finally, we can’t forget about the importance of signage in marketing. Brand recognition isn’t usually about short-term gains. This is about your long-term image. The value is in creating a positive and lasting impression.

Banners, billboards, and store signage are all players in your store’s marketing campaigns. Your signage makes you a part of the everyday rhythm of life. People build trust in your brand every time you use it to communicate. This messaging is reaching the foot traffic in your store 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Signage is certainly economical when compared to ads on television and radio.

Types of Retail Signage

Let’s talk about the types of signage in retail. Don’t forget to browse Houston Sign’s selection of retail signage today! Whatever you decide you need; we’ve got you covered.

Exterior Signage

importance of signage in retail

When it comes to physical retail stores, exterior signage is important. This is what brings your customers to the door. People pass your location all the time – on foot, by bike, in cars and buses. But do they see you? Do they know you’re in the neighborhood?

Don’t miss out on valuable foot traffic and branding opportunities. Houston Sign offers attractive window decals for the front of your retail location.

Interior Signage

retail signage ideas

This type of retail signage happens within your store. And it’s all about attractive, on-brand imagery and persuasive language. These signs can improve your customers’ experience.

They draw attention to items customers might overlook. They call out sale items. And this signage is practical because it informs and influences your buyers. You’re also building brand awareness, which will increase sales in the future.

4 Retail Signage Ideas

Why might you need new or additional signage in your retail store? Look at these four signage ideas for your retail location below.

1. Informational Signage

Informational signage may be found on the exterior and/or interior. It’s all about organization, directions, and wayfinding. This type of signage is also a great way to let customers know about a store app, curbside pickup, and the like. They feel comfortable navigating in and around your space. They find what they need and are likely to return in the future.

2. ADA Compliance and Accessibility

types of signage in retail

Don’t forget about compliant signage (bathrooms, exits, fitting rooms, accessibility, etc.). Depending on the age of your business, and the number of individuals you employ, you may be legally required to comply with the standards set in the ADA’s Public Accommodations and Commercial Facilities (Title III).

3. More Branding Signage

The more that eyes land on your logo and brand messaging, the more it becomes ingrained in your customers’ minds. When people enter your store, they do examine what they’re walking into? Floor mat signage is just as important as the graphics on your glass storefront windows and doors. Give them a dose of what you’re about – head to toe!

4. Festive/Seasonal Signage

Decorate for the holidays and make things more festive! This type of signage really invites the seasonal crowds to explore your decor, attire, and gifting options. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with your customers. They have shopping on the brain. Tis the season, right? It’s a wonderful way to establish new customer relationships, too. Celebrate and “get the word out.” Literally! On a sign!

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