Running an event for charity can be very involved and even costly. You must closely track and manage expenses to maintain a break-even point that allows the lion’s share of your fundraising efforts to benefit the end goal. Houston Sign Company can help keep your charity and fundraising sign costs to a minimum while throwing a visually-stunning and organized event.

Houston Fundraising and Charity Signs

Some of the more common fundraiser signs for Houston community causes include:

  • Charity Event Banners
  • Fundraiser Thermometer Signs
  • Car Was Fundraiser Signs
  • Charity Golf Signs and Banners
  • Car Magnet Fundraisers
  • Team Yard Sign Fundraisers

The following sections include popular fundraiser sign ideas for which our signage is commonly used. Browse the events below, and contact us today for a quote on your upcoming signage needs.

Banners for Charity Events

banner for charity event - Houston

Our charity and fundraising banners in Houston are great for highlighting top donations and showcasing information at events. The outdoor-rated banners we produce at Houston Sign are great for annual fundraisers that can reuse signage, as they are sturdy with reinforced grommets. Contact us with your fundraising needs today!

Fundraising Thermometer Signs

thermometer fundraiser signs - Houston

Fundraiser tracker thermometers are a fantastic way to keep track of donation levels during long term fundraising campaigns. By using the right markers on our corrugated plastic signs, you can use a single charity thermometer throughout the campaign. You can opt for a thermometer sign for fundraising with pre-printed milestones.

Car Wash Fundraiser Signs

car wash fundraiser signs - Houston

Many school sports teams, clubs, and other organizations offer annual car washes to raise funds for charity or their own organization. For recurring events, coroplast car wash fundraiser signs can be a great way to attract commuters and streamline your event. These can be used roadside, or you can create posters for charity events in public places.

Charity Golf Signs

fundraiser signs - Houston

Charity golf signs are critical for fundraising at these big-ticket events. Golf tournament signs can include event sponsor banners, cart sponsor signs and vehicle wraps, hole sponsor signs, and indoor & outdoor directional signs. The yard signs at these events are critical for boosting fundraising efforts as well as event flow.

Car Decals for Fundraisers

car magnet fundraiser

Are the parents and families of your students and/or athletes looking for additional ways to support your organization while showing pride in their children? Running a car magnet fundraiser is a great way to show off a child’s accomplishments while boosting organizational funds and morale. Our car decals in Houston can help!

Team Yard Signs for Fundraisers

team yard sign fundraiser - Houston

Team yard signs for athletes are a way for parents to show how proud they are of their students while simultaneously helping to support the initiatives of their team. Our quality coroplast yard signs are great for multi-athlete families that want their sign to last for several years, and we have sign frames that help secure the message.

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We’ve been serving the Houston community for nearly 75 years, and many of our sign production machines are on the cutting edge of the industry. We have provided fundraising and charity signage for countless events in the local community and can provide professional signs for your events!

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