When it comes to creating a safe and welcoming learning environment, school signs and signs for classrooms play a crucial role. In the Houston area, there are plenty of options available to shop for custom signs that cater to the unique needs of your educational institution. These signs can range from directional graphics to wall wraps and can be customized with your school’s logo or specific messages.

Due to the increased demand for school safety and operations that follow CDC best practices and still heed the advice of the American Academy of Pediatrics, your campus may have additional signage needs. Houston Sign Company supported Houston area schools throughout the pandemic and will continue to provide signs that promote safety and compliance. Get more information on our plastic dividers for schools and classrooms for additional support.

School Signs and Banners for Your Houston-area Campus

Our sign company has been supporting the Greater Houston area since 1946 and can help you prepare. At Houston Sign, our indoor and outdoor signs for schools can be designed and printed for next-day delivery in many cases.

The following sections illustrate some common uses of school signage that our account managers have worked with school campuses to design and install. These signage types can include banners, directional signs, indoor office and lobby signs, and even vinyl wall wraps that can be used to improve student morale. Browse our selection, then call or contact us online to speak with one of our reps to place your order.

Banners for Schools

Houston school banners and signs
School banners in Houston can be used for welcome messages, sports promotions and teams, and even large-format directional assistance for student pick-up and drop-off. Our banners for schools are finished with grommets every 24” and a 1” hem. We can also provide banner frames for lawn setup. See our banner stand assembly instructions here.

School Administrative Office Signs

administrative signs for schools in Houston
We provide standard and custom office signs in Houston for school administrative offices. Whether to label the principal’s and assistant principal’s offices, waiting areas, or desk signage, we have standardized and custom office signage that can be used to organize and personalize your office space. Contact an account manager for help with your order.

Social Distancing Signs for Schools

indoor signs for schools
Our custom floor graphics are made from vinyl and are adhesive to most smooth surfaces. Floor decals can be used as social distancing signs in schools, the organization of foot traffic in hallways and cafeterias, and for temperature testing at school entrances when appropriate. Our account managers can help with most types of interior school signs.

School Wall Wraps

custom wall wraps for schools Houston
We provide vinyl wraps for schools that will surely add aesthetic value to your campus. We’ve worked with flat plastic vinyl wall wraps as well as wraps with additional outlying features that can serve whatever purpose you desire. In addition, our wall decal installation team is highly experienced, so your wall graphics will stand the test of time.

Directional Signage for Schools

outdoor educational signs
School drop-off and pick-up can be an overwhelming experience, but the clear exit and entrance signs for schools can help streamline the experience. Whether you’re using Houston yard signs along sidewalks, school parking lot signs, permanent directional signs, or indoor signage to locate your administrative offices, Houston Sign can support your signage needs.

Clear Plastic Partitions for Schools

Houston school signs
Houston Sign’s plastic barriers for schools offer a highly sought-after and inexpensive way for students to practice social distancing. These clear barriers can accommodate student-to-student communication while helping to slow down the transmission of COVID-19.

Options for Plastic Dividers

To learn more about the sizing options for classroom plastic dividers, explore the dimensions and configurations available below.

  • 24″ x 23″ (1 Window)
  • 24″ x 23″ (3 Windows)
  • 24″ x 18″ (1 Window)
  • 24″ x 18″ (3 Windows)
  • 24″ x 16″ (1 Window)
  • 24″ x 16″ (3 Windows)

Please contact us for pricing or additional information.

student desk dividersplastic dividers for schools

If you’re interested in more school social distancing options, check out our Back to School Social Distancing Catalog!

Contact Houston Sign for Custom School Signs in Houston

With the help of custom signs, you can enhance the visual appeal of your school or classroom while also ensuring important information is clearly communicated to students, staff, and visitors. Whether you’re looking for signs for a preschool, elementary school, or high school, there are plenty of options available to choose from.

So why wait? Take the first step towards creating a more engaging and organized learning environment by making Houston Sign Company the headquarters for all your school’s signage needs. Our knowledgeable account managers have experience with nearly every type of campus signage available and can help you determine the right mix for your location.

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School signs and banners are great for student body logistics, behavioral expectations, sports, and boosting morale.