Lamination, Mounting & Poster Printing in Houston

Houston Sign Company can print, mount and laminate posters on a wide variety of papers and poster stock. We can do everything from paper posters, to framed posters on a foam board to a double sided poster that is sticky on one side to be placed on the window of your store front to advertise the promotion of the month. In addition to the posters we also have available frames to hold these posters, everything from standing in the isle of your retail store to special holders that can go on a wall.

Select Your Material and Finish

We have the ability to laminate these posters as well to give it a glossy or matte finish. Dry erase is also available if you want to have the option to change a price or change a date. Our materials vary from paper, styrene, foam board, ultra board, gator board, PVC, and many more materials to help fit your needs.

We Offer Houston Poster Design

Our graphic design team can work with you to layout site safety signage for safety campaigns, Point of Purchase signs, or instructional use. Proper type size and style are important for readability of your message. So are proper use of colors, graphics, borders, inset boxes and other graphic tools. The Houston Sign Company design team will help you design a poster that delivers the right message.