Full Range of Houston Banner Printing Capabilities

Houston Sign Company produces high-quality banners in full color have a long-term outdoor life. We can print a single banner for a sale, tradeshow or event. We can also handle 500 banners for your next in-store promotion or safety program.

Select the Best Banner Material

As one of the top sign companies in Houston, we can print a wide variety of banner materials depending on your application.

  • 13 oz reinforced scrim banner material is our choice for general purpose banners.
  • Mesh banner material is excellent for installation outdoors that need to allow air to pass
  • Smooth banner material has a clean, smooth appearance and can be printed on both sides.

Banner Finishing

Banners can be finished to suit any application. Houston Sign Company’s banners are finished with a 1” hem and grommets every 24”.  Our banners come standard to use in indoor or outdoor banner applications. For outdoor applications, you can include webbing in your hem to prevent tears and will increase the life of your banners.

Your banners in Houston come standard with Hems and Grommets spaced every 24”. With our standard banner finishing, you can hang your banners using rope, bungee cords or hanging clips.

Some additional finishing includes Pole Pockets or Banners finished to fit into a frame system. We will automatically account for this these changes if we are handling your banner design. Our knowledgeable Account Managers can assist you with any questions you have regarding finishing on Banners.

high-quality banner printing Houston

Banner Design in Houston

Banners deliver a message and attract interest. Sometimes, something as simple as text is all that your banner needs. However, some events like Sponsorship programs, Little League events and more require some more exciting graphics. Houston Sign Company’s Design Team can help transform your banner into an eye-catching point of interest.

You should account for several key variables for your custom banner in Houston. For example, are you already aware of the size of the mounting location? If you’re planning on using your banner at a tradeshow or conference, the mounting space is typically predetermined.

Be aware of the distance that your banner will be from readers. For instance, a roadside banner will need to be much larger than a banner fixed to a table. Keep in mind how close other competitive banners might be. If you’re at a busy industry event, your design may need to push the limits of your brand’s style guidelines to have a chance of being noticed.

Colors that are contrasting and use bright colors may be more attention-grabbing. Text that uses a large font-size with limited copy may also appeal to the eye. It’s important that you reconcile color contrast with your brand style guide. If you have established colors and font sizes for your branding collateral, our Houston banner company can work with your style guide to create the best possible banner promotion!

Our experienced design team can help you create the perfect banner design to deliver your message.


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Common Applications

  • Great for Indoor/Outdoor
  • Standard Hems & Grommets
  • Can Be Fit to Frame

Pro Tips

We have indoor and outdoor options that can include webbing to prevent tears!