Brand Your Company with Promotional Products and Business Swag

Having a presence at industry conferences and events with professional trade show displays in Houston is a fantastic start. However, offering branded promotional products to booth visitors that will be useful in their everyday lives has become a new norm.

Benefits of Business Promotional Items

Your company logo promotional items can be more than an attempt at maintaining the status quo at trade shows. Here are some of the main benefits that promotional merchandise items afford your business over time.

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Improve Brand Exposure

When you give out branded promotional items, a little bit of strategy goes a long way. The items should have high potential for everyday use by the recipient.

For example, giving someone who works in an office a water bottle, pen, or USB is a good move, because it’s an item they’re likely to use on a daily basis. Now your target audience and their coworkers see your logo every day, and your brand recognition and recall can improve dramatically as a result.

Connect with Your Target Audience

Your company promotional items are a great way to start a conversation. If a trade show attendee knows that you’re giving out phone power banks, they may stop by your booth because of it. In this way, your branded promotional merchandise could open the door for new business. Thanks to the swag, this provides you with the perfect opportunity to open a discussion with a potential client.

Popular Types of Promo Products

There are a handful of tried and true categories for promotional items with logos that users get mileage out of. The following categories lend themselves to repeated use, which translates to enhanced levels of brand exposure for your buck!

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Promotional Drinkware

“Does anyone know where my mug is?” If the bulk of your work is done in an office, there’s a good chance you’ve heard this phrase uttered before.

Promotional cups for business (or mugs and water bottles) often find themselves being “relegated” to the recipient’s desk at work. This is good news for you! Getting your business promotional products in another office’s kitchen or on someone’s desk means more eyeballs. Even if your company logo items do not fall into the hands of a decision-maker, they may still come in daily contact with the promo item.

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Promotional Tech Products

Tech marketing items with logos on them also lend themselves to long-term, repeated use.

A USB drive can even end up traveling between offices during presentations and collaborations. Power banks have become popular in recent years, especially for traveling businesspeople. These travelers like the convenience of knowing that they’re never far from a fully charged phone.

In most cases, the cost of these technical company logo items is minimal after brand impressions are considered. Branded USB drives could be seen by thousands during their lifetimes.

Other Popular Promotional Marketing Products

Some other popular branded swag items include:

  • T-shirts
  • Tote bags
  • Pens
  • Markers
  • Ear buds
  • And more…

Importance of Choosing the Right Promotional Merchandise Items

Houston Sign Company has spent a LOT of time picking out the perfect pen that people LOVE so they want to hold onto it and keep it. Our pens frequently become the go-to pen for people.

If you have a walk-in area at your location where people sign-off on a job or use pens a lot, include your brand information and encourage customers to take pens with them so your brand name has widespread exposure. Choosing a high-quality pen that is a candidate for consistent use will help improve your ROI and send business your way.

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