Houston Office Signs Can Enhance Your Professionalism

Your office signage can play a huge role in customers’ perceptions of your business. Displaying crisp, clean, well-designed and professionally printed office signs can help position your company in a stronger, more positive light.

In the world of business, a customer’s first impression of a company can make all the difference. Professional, eye-catching office wall signs tell the customer that your company takes pride in the way it presents itself. Reception signage is often the first thing that greets a customer as they enter an office, so it needs to tell the right story.

Lobby welcome signs and company wall signs have the power to communicate your brand identity. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a blue chip IT provider or a domestic cleaning company, well-constructed lobby signs for businesses can resonate with your target audience — and set your organization apart from the competition.

Build Trust with Office Wall Signs

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Wall mounted office signs play a crucial role in instilling confidence in customers. When potential clients are greeted by a clear, concise and expertly crafted office sign, they immediately assume they are dealing with an organization that can be trusted.

Communicate Instructions with Office Lobby Signs

In addition to delivering a professional aesthetic, custom office reception signage also offers several practical benefits, including communicating directions and identifying different areas of a workplace. These issues are very important if you’re trying to win new business from someone who is not familiar with your operation.

There can also be legal requirements for your office wall signs. For example, depending on the size of your business and age of your building, there may be ADA signage requirements that you must comply with. Complying with ADA signage guidelines will help your business achieve a higher level of accessibility and customer satisfaction!

Types of Office Reception Area Signs

You can display your company name, logo, or slogan in a variety of ways. Here are a few options:

  • Acrylic Lobby Signs – These are sleek and shiny. The letters bear crisp edges and come in an array of colors and sizes.
  • Metal Lobby Signs – If your logo or font is a signature, you probably want to copy that on your sign. You want your branding to be thorough and consistent throughout your office. Metal can be routed to match your design perfectly.
  • 3D Lobby Signs – Both the acrylic and metal signs may be mounted to appear 3D. The shadows the sign creates can make your design pop. Houston Sign Company now offers signage laser engraving in Houston that can be used to add 3D effects to your signs. It says “innovative” and can even produce an air of elegance or romance.
  • Lobby Plaques – These signs work as entire units. They’re acrylic, metal, or a combination. The plaques are full-size mounts that attach to your lobby walls.
  • Lobby Door Signs – These interior directional signs can be a great addition to spaces with many rooms. Entrances/exits in an area can be confusing or overwhelming. You may house multiple departments, and your lobby is the hub. Go for a professional and educational appearance with directional lobby door signs.

Convey Your Brand Identity with Reception Wall Signs

If your company is offering a premium service or product, this can be reflected in the company logo wall sign you choose. Through a combination of high-quality materials, expert mounting techniques and cutting-edge printing methods, Houston Sign Company can create the premium signage that will convey your organization’s brand identity.

3 Benefits of Office Lobby Signs

It may shock you how important interior lobby signs are. They’re not purely ornamental. Let’s dive into how they benefit your establishment.

1. Welcome New Faces

Visitors value reception wall signs more than even they realize. When they come through your door, they’re bringing a range of emotions. Uncertainty and anxiety are two that a sign can help with.

Put minds at ease. Let guests know they’re in the right place. Invite them into your office with a custom sign that sets the tone for your business. Say what you need to say!

2. Tell Your Story

Speaking of saying something, why not tell your story? Sleek and modern, cozy and rustic, or bright and friendly.

Whatever you want people to know, you can say it with the right office reception signage. Get at the heart of your company immediately. Here are a couple of examples.

3. Updated and Fresh Look

One of the last things you want is to seem outdated. Custom lobby signs can show that you’re keeping up. Or better yet, that you’re ahead of the competition out there.

Don’t turn away potential clients before you even have a chance to chat with them. Give your office a fresh, modern feel that showcases the best you have to offer. You’re not falling behind. Your mindset and methods are current and effective.

Getting a feel for what you might need in your space? Check out Houston Sign’s office signs in Houston today. We think you’ll understand more about what you require and what we can do to make that happen.

Whether you’re mounting your branded business signage on brick or drywall, our Houston sign installation team has the expertise to establish your reception or office signage. We leverage stud mounting for drywall and brick walls, spacers, nuts, and spacing tape for stable, long-lasting office signs.

Increase Productivity with Office Signs in Houston

There is evidence that effective workplace design has the potential to increase employee productivity. By installing custom office signage that is both eye-catching and precision-engineered, you can inspire your team to work on their own creativity and innovation.

In Ron Friedman’s book “The Best Place to Work,” he uncovers several layout and office design principles that can help improve employee engagement and improve productivity levels. For example, the color of your Houston business signs can have a major impact on employee attitudes. It’s critical that your office signs in Houston incorporate these principles with your brand colors for optimal results.

Contact Houston Sign Company one of the best Business Sign Stores in Houston and take the first step toward developing your beautiful Interior Office Signage!

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