How to Hang Metal Letters on Wall

How to Hang Metal Letters on Wall

Many offices feature metal letters on the wall. That’s because metal letters are durable, practical and visually appealing. For example, you need metal wall hanging letters to show the public everything from your street address to the location of the bathrooms in your lobby. You can even use metal hanging letters as attractive wall décor or custom office wall signs.


Regardless of your specific use for metal letters, you need to know how to attach them to the wall so they remain there for years. That’s why you should learn how to hang metal letters on the wall using the following installation techniques, all of which work for materials like brass, bronze, copper, aluminum and stainless steel.

Methods to Install Metal Letter Wall Art

Here are five methods for installing metal hanging letters.

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Stud Mounting for Drywall

The most popular installation method for metal hanging letters is stud mounting, as this is the best way to ensure they stick to drywall. You can start by buying mounting studs and a pattern to determine where on the wall you’ll put the letters.

Once you put your pattern on the wall and figure out where the holes will go, drill holes into the drywall accordingly. Then screw the mounting studs into the holes on the backs of your metal letters. Fill the drill holes on the wall with silicone or cement adhesive, which you can also put over the studs on the backs of the letters. Then, slide the letters into the wall.

Stud Mounting for Brick Walls

If you have brick walls, you can install metal hanging letters using mounting studs in the mortar joints. Just as with drywall, you’ll need to use a pattern first, and then follow the same instructions as with stud mounting for drywall.

Stud Mounting with Spacers

Another stud mounting technique for metal hanging letters involves the use of spacers. With this method, your letters won’t be flush against the wall. Instead, they’ll stand off the surface by up to about ¾ inch, depending on the length of your spacers. The spacers easily fit around each mounting stud, and the rest of the hanging process is the same as with regular mounting studs.

Stud Mounting with Nuts

As long as you have access to the back of the wall behind the metal hanging letters, you can use the technique that involves stud mounting with nuts. If you’re in a corrugated building, adding nuts to the studs will help the letters stand away from the low spots on the wall. If your walls are smooth, you can get the letters to stand off the surface using the previous technique of stud mounting with spacers.

Spacing Tape

If you want another option for hanging metal letters on the wall, you can use spacing tape. This doesn’t require the use of hardware. Instead, you can use pre-marked spacing tape that you simply affix to the wall, and then fit the metal letters between the spacing. You can reinforce the letters by putting silicone adhesive on the back of each one before putting it up.

Whether you want gorgeous metal letter wall art or simple letters to hang on the wall, come to the Houston Sign Company for help with any custom signs in Houston. We have a variety of durable, attractive components for signs of all kinds.

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