Hewlett Packard Scitex FB6100 Flatbed Printer

Our HP Flatbed printer can print up to 6’ x 10’ boards stock. We can print directly to plastic, aluminum, acrylic, MDO plywood, glass and a host of other materials. We have the capability to print in standard CMYK mode as well as the ability to include white ink for back-lit signs and signs on clear or colored materials. Our print speeds give us the option to rapidly print multiple signs or to print more high quality signs at a slower speed to produce a nice, crisp look.

Seiko H2 – 74

Our Seiko printer is engineered to print durable, high quality images on decals, banners and car wrap films. The ink used by this printer is outdoor durable and when laminated, has been given a 5 year outdoor lifespan.

Hewlett Packard Roll Printer

Our HP 9000 roll printer is used for printing anything from decals, banners, car wraps and so much more! We keep this printer ready to run in case an emergency, fast turnaround project comes our way.


This high quality roll printer is slower than our HP which means we don’t use it as often. We turn to this machine when we need a photo-like finish for items such as trade show displays or posters. Let us know if you are looking for that perfect finish to bring your project to life and we will be happy to put the Epson on it.

Screen Printing

While most companies outsource large volume projects, our in-house screen printing department gives us the capability of turning around larger projects very fast. Most political and yard sign projects are screen printed for economical, durable signs.