5 Best Trade Show Giveaway Ideas & Effective Freebies

best trade show giveaways

Want to know more about the best trade show swag? Like most vendors, you want to stand out and be remembered. In the vast sea of trade show booths, that can be difficult. But things are about to get easier. We’re here today to offer up ideas on some of the most effective trade show giveaways.

Read on to learn more about the perfect freebie for your company. Select a giveaway idea that will be a hit!

What Are Trade Show Freebies?

Lots of trading goes on at a trade show. Trading business cards and contact information, trading ideas and strategies, and trading your attention and energy. But fun giveaways at events can often be highlights for attendees.

A freebie is a tangible invitation. The item draws individuals and groups into your space. Sure, people may be naturally curious. But your addition to their “bag of swag” is on their minds.

Cool trade show giveaways may seem like a small gesture. But we know them to be powerful investments. These items can generate leads. They can support your marketing message and further brand awareness. When the show is over, your freebie may be the connection that brings potential clients back to you.

Reach out to Houston Sign for business swag in Houston. We know the trends, and we’re happy to deliver something that will strike a chord with your target audience.

What Are the Best Promotional Items to Give Away?

We’re keeping things simple as you make your decision. For the best trade show booth giveaways, we recommend the following considerations:

Items Should Be Quality

This encourages not only repeated, but also preferred use. Companies sometimes opt for flimsy magnets or cheap pens. However, quality, sturdy items speak volumes about your brand. They represent a major theme about the quality and stability of your services, products, and client relationships.

Items Should Be Practical

Think about what can be used in the office and in public settings. You want to be seen and remembered. In other words, even when you’re not there, you will be there. Your logo, name, and/or mission will be present.

Think about your audience/potential clients. What will they keep and use?

Items Should Align with Your Brand and Budget

We have a ton of experience, working with our clients and understanding their brands. And our selection has something for every budget. Let us help you select the best branded giveaways possible!

Contact Houston Sign today for assistance with customization. Understand that we will respect your budget. You can still get quality for a great value.

best trade show booth giveaways

5 Best Trade Show Giveaways

We’ve compiled a list of the best trade show giveaway ideas below. Go ahead and dream a little. Imagine your brand logo on these amazing freebies. Think of the solid connections you’ll make as you hand these out!

1. Apparel

Attendees love quality apparel. Consider t-shirts for your freebie. Customize clothing and other gear to make it unique to your company. It’s instantly seen as a practical item.

For budgetary reasons, be more selective with this swag. You could require a meeting or questionnaire completion before spreading the love. You’ll be the talk of the trade show. Best of all, your message will live on past the event dates.

2. Bags

Remember how we mentioned “bags of swag” earlier? You could be that bag! Totes and backpacks are functional, and they clearly bear your company brand. It’s likely you’ll be one of the first trade show stops on everybody’s list, too. They’ll need to get their handy swag bag for the duration of the event.

Reusable shopping bags are also great trade show giveaway ideas. More and more, people are saving these for their weekly errands, and that extra exposure is great for your brand.

3. Writing Instruments

Writing instruments are a classic among the trade show booth giveaways. But that isn’t a bad thing. Imagine going to a show and accumulating zero pens. Don’t disappoint the people.

Think about it: a smooth-writing, quality pen? We all have our favorites. Our go-tos. If your brand can become that favorite writing instrument, you’ll certainly be memorable. You’ll be the logo and color people look for when they’re searching for their top-pick pen. Beyond pens, consider stylus pens, pencil cases, permanent markers, and the like.

4. Tech Products

Some of the best promo items for trade shows today are tech-related/gadgets. We live in a world of devices, and people love adding to their tech stash. Consider handing out USB drives or power banks. Bluetooth items and even speakers could be a perfect decision depending on your industry.

5. Drinkware

More than ever, people are focused on hydration (and obsessed with coffee). Water bottles, mugs, and tumblers are pieces of swag that get attention. Our preferred beverage containers are part of our everyday routines. Your brand could travel in cup-form through coffee houses, offices, shops, parks, gyms, and more.

Contact Houston Sign for the Most Popular Trade Show Giveaways Today!

We are happy to help you prepare for your upcoming trade show. The best promotional items for trade shows live here! Also, contact Houston Sign for help creating trade show displays in Houston. We design rotating banners, backdrops, hanging items, tablecloths, and more.

You’ve found your one-stop trade show source in us!


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