How to Show School Spirit with Custom Yard Signs

Custom yard signs are an excellent way to showcase school spirit and pride. They can be designed to fit any occasion, from welcoming new students to celebrating graduation.

The Importance of School Spirit

School spirit is the emotional connection and pride that students, faculty, and alums feel toward their school. It is a crucial aspect of education that promotes a sense of community, unity, and belonging among members.

School spirit also has many benefits for students, including increased motivation, engagement, and academic achievement. In addition, it fosters a positive school environment that promotes social connections, teamwork, and leadership skills.

And what better way to boost school pride than with custom lawn signs? Corrugated plastic signs can be a cost-effective and simple way to promote school events, fundraisers, and other initiatives. school spirit sign

Ways to Boost Your School Spirit with Lawn Signs

School spirit is not limited to attending games and events, but it also involves supporting and promoting the school in various ways. For example, custom yard signs are an effective tool for showcasing school spirit and pride. They can be displayed in front of homes, businesses, and school premises, creating a sense of community and pride.

Raise Funds for Your School with Fundraising Yard Signs

Do you need to raise money for your booster club or sports team? Consider school spirit signs! Encouraging participation and engagement from the community is essential for the success of any fundraising campaign. One way to do this is by involving students in the distribution of yard signs. Selling personalized school signage to friends and family not only raises money for your organization but also builds spirit within the school. In addition, displaying branded spirit signs in front yards around town will undoubtedly foster a sense of community.

Custom Lawn Signs for Student Photo Ops

School spirit signs also serve as a fun and unique photo opportunity for your student. Whether it’s the first day of school, the first home game of football season, or the morning of graduation, posing next to your custom yard sign is the way to go!

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Designing Custom Yard Signs for School Spirit

When creating yard signs, it’s important to choose the right colors and fonts to ensure that they are eye-catching and easy to read. Many sign-making companies offer free school spirit sign designs that can be personalized to promote school spirit events.


Adding school mascots and logos to your custom yard sign is a great way to show school spirit. Many sign-making companies offer custom-designed yard signs that incorporate your school’s logo, colors, and text. Some companies like Houston Sign even offer custom die-cut yard signs in your school’s mascot or design shape.

school spirit yard sign school spirit yard sign


Don’t forget to include catchphrases and slogans on your coroplast yard sign. By incorporating this text into your yard sign, you can create a design that not only shows your support for your school but also inspires others to do the same. Some popular school spirit slogans include:

  • Home Of A [Mascot]
  • Proud Parent Of A [Mascot]
  • Let’s Go [Mascot]!
  • Mascot Name
  • Player Name and Number
  • School Name
  • Graduation Year

Making Sure Your School Spirit Sign Stands Out

We can all agree that custom yard signs are a fantastic way to show school spirit or support for recent graduates. However, when placing and displaying this outdoor signage, it is important to select the right location. Most homeowners place their signs near their front porch or doorstep — but another great spot is on curbsides, as they are easily visible to the whole neighborhood. Just make sure they are placed at a height easily visible to pedestrians and drivers.

Ensuring the visibility of custom yard signs is crucial for their effectiveness. Lighting such as spotlights can also help increase visibility, especially during nighttime hours. In addition, using bright colors and bold fonts can make the signs stand out and catch people’s attention.

school spirit yard sign school spirit yard sign

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