How to Design an Eye-Catching Commercial Real Estate Sign

Even as digital marketing dominates the conversation, print advertising is still an important tool in many industries, including commercial real estate. Realtors rely on quality signage to attract potential buyers to their listings, but the challenge is creating eye-catching and professional signs. Here are some best practices for making sure your commercial real estate signs stand out among the crowd.

Why Commercial Real Estate Signs Matter

Your commercial real estate signage can impact the success of your business in several ways:

Increases Visibility

People can’t help noticing and reading attractive realtor signs. However, a professional sign is often enough to inspire someone to contact you about a property, tell someone they know, or simply remember the name of your agency.

Conveys Professionalism

Attractive commercial real estate signs create a sense of professionalism. When you show great care in your advertising and your agency’s public image, homeowners know that you’ll treat their property with the attention it deserves, and prospective buyers know that you’ll go out of your way to secure the best deals for them.

Cost-Effective Advertising

When you utilize digital advertising, you’ll often have to pay for ad space on a recurring basis for however long you want visitors to notice your agency. But when you create a physical sign, you won’t have to worry about ongoing costs. Instead, you can simply place it on the property you’re selling for hundreds to thousands of people to see — all at no additional charge.

commercial real estate sign commercial real estate sign commercial real estate sign

How to Design the Perfect Commercial Real Estate Sign

So how do you create commercial real estate signs that truly stand out? You don’t need to be an artist or graphic designer to know the basics, and you can start by following these best practices:

Choose the Right Font

Readability is key, and selecting the best font for real estate is an important part of that. While it’s tempting to be fancy, selecting a font that is easy to read at a distance is more important. Helvetica, Univers, and Proxima Nova are three popular choices for this very reason. Other honorable mentions include Gotham, Franklin Gothic, Arial, Montserrat, and Open Sans. Try out a few options, compare them at a distance, and if you can read them easily and they look sharp, you may have found a good option.

Incorporate Your Logo and Branding

To ensure that every sign is consistent and easy to associate with your agency, add your logo and branding to each sign. If you’re unsure how to implement these elements, look at your most successful competitors for a bit of inspiration. Notice how they incorporate logos, taglines, and other branding elements to make their signs unique.

Use Contrasting Colors (Less Is More!)

Contrasting colors increase visibility and make commercial real estate signs easier to read. You don’t want the text on your sign to blend into the background — it should stand out. However, it’s important to use restraint. Ideally, you will use just a few colors that are already part of your brand’s color scheme.

Keep It Clean and Legible

Don’t just set it and forget it — physical signs require ongoing maintenance to keep clean and legible. Check yours regularly; they may need cleaning or minor repairs from time to time. If people see a dirty or damaged sign, they may assume that no one is caring for the property either.

Include Important Information

Your realtor signs should include all the information people need to inquire about your property. This will usually be your name, phone number, email, and website. If you anticipate foot traffic near your sign, you could include a small QR code leading to the property listing.

commercial real estate sign

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