How to Get Wrinkles out of Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners are an effective way of advertising your business at trade shows, events, and other outdoor exhibitions. They’re eye-catching, durable and capable of delivering your message from a distance. However, they can’t adequately represent your business if they become wrinkled while in storage.

The Drawbacks of a Wrinkled Vinyl Banner

Your carefully chosen advertising messages and branding may be disrupted by the poor presentation of your banner, giving potential customers a wrong impression of your company’s attention to detail.

When your vinyl banner isn’t in pristine condition, you may come off as unprofessional. Your signage is often the first thing that a person sees when they’re looking at your booth at an outdoor event. They might pass you by due to your wrinkled sign.

You also decrease the durability of your banner when it’s stored in a way that facilitates wrinkling. Your investment in this advertising asset could be significant, so you’re increasing your overall costs due to a lower useful lifespan.

Removing Wrinkles From Your Vinyl Banner

You have two methods available if you need to get wrinkles out of your vinyl banner: the sun or hair dryer.

For the first option, you set your sign up when it’s sunny out. The gentle warming-up process works out the creases from the vinyl. If you’re in a hurry, weights can make this process go faster.

The hair dryer method works on a similar principle. You’re slowly heating up the material so that it works out the wrinkles on the surface. Use the low setting on your hair dryer and avoid pointing it at the printed side of the material. Instead, turn the sign around and evenly apply heat to the creased area.

Keeping Your Vinyl Banner Clean

Proper upkeep of your vinyl banner can help you reduce the likelihood that it ends up developing wrinkles. Dirt and debris can make it harder to fold your banner and may damage it over time.

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Mild dish soap and warm water are typically all you need to get your banner back into pristine condition. Wipe down the surface, and clear off any debris. Rinse off any soap bubbles that remain on the banner once you’re done wiping it down. You may have an easier time cleaning off your display outside during a beautiful, sunny day.

While the banner material is designed to stand up to a lot of weather conditions, that doesn’t mean that it can tolerate harsh chemicals used in commercial cleaners. Avoid using any strong cleaners to reduce the chance of fading the colors printed on the vinyl.

Preventing Wrinkles in Your Vinyl Banner

You can reduce the time that you spend on getting wrinkles out of your vinyl banner if you avoid creating them to begin with. It all comes down to the way you store your signage. If you throw it in a corner or shove it into a shelving unit in-between events, it’s going to end up with wrinkles all over it.

Avoid folding the banner when you bring it to the storage location. Roll it up instead. You reduce the chance that it develops unsightly wrinkles when you’re ready to use it again.

A hot or humid room may also lead to problems, as the banner may stick to itself or other materials in the room. You need to have a cool and dry place available for your sign.

Your vinyl banner is an essential part of your outdoor advertising strategy. It needs to be in tip-top shape to make a great first impression, and being wrinkle-free is an excellent way to leave a lasting positive impact.

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