Houston Sign Is Laser Cutting Face Mask Straps for Donation

Houston Sign Company is using one of its latest equipment additions, a dual-head laser cutter, to manufacture straps for medical face masks. Upon completion, these straps will be donated to frontline healthcare workers! Flexible straps for face masks help avoid irritation around wearers’ ears by circumventing the need to attach the straps directly to skin in the first place.

Laser Cutting Face Mask Straps at Houston Sign

The broad section of the straps puts pressure on the back of the user’s head, while the face mask straps are secured to the prongs on either side of the strap.

For frontline medical workers, these flexible straps improve comfort during extended use. For that reason, we have prioritized their production and are now offering them in our array of products.

Examples of Businesses Re-tooling During COVID-19

While our business is a sign company in Houston at its core, the need for medical resources in the community at this time has us thinking of ways we could re-tool to help the cause. Many other businesses and manufacturers have been pivoting to help support the needs of the community while enabling their employees to continue providing for their families.

Here are some of the most popular examples.

Distilleries Producing Hand Sanitizer

Many distilleries have been putting their capital to use by producing hand sanitizer during this time. Some examples of local Houston distilleries helping support the demand of this Coronavirus staple include:

Our hats are off to these companies for helping us stay Houston Strong.

Airflow Manufacturers Manufacturing Ventilators

There are several vacuum manufacturers and motor-driven airflow tool manufacturers that have pivoted their production lines to start producing ventilators, which are in high demand due to the effect of SARS-CoV-2 on humans.

Tech Leaders Joining Forces to Help Find Solutions

In early March 2020, the Office of Science and Technology Policy within the White House gathered tech industry leaders to “coordinate efforts to root our misinformation about the coronavirus,” and identify scientific insights from a massive pool of research literature that needed AI to and machine learning to disseminate.

Contact Houston Sign for More Information

If you’re interested in procuring face mask straps for your organization, or you’d like to learn more about our Houston laser etching capabilities, please contact us today. We are still currently operating as part of our clients’ necessary supply chain, and of our account managers will be ready to assist you.

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