Yard Signs

Yard signs are incredibly effective in delivering a local message. Companies and organizations use yard signs to announce events, promote sales, introduce candidates and direct traffic. Everything from Political Campaign Signs to Little League registration, sale on Energy Drinks to the best Maid Service in town – we can help you get your message across. We can do this by using extra small signs up to signs as large as 4’x8′!

Real Estate Signs

Residential Realtors, Commercial Realtors and Builders all rely on signs to promote their offerings. Some of the signs and banners they use are similar and some are very different. Houston Sign Company has been producing signs for every type of real estate sales organization for decades. We have experience in designing, producing and installing the types of signs you need to bring in more sales. We also offer sign management programs to track sign placements, removals and relocations.

Retail Signs

Retailers rely on a variety of sign and display types to drive customer purchasing. Storefront signs invite customers into the store. Window displays capture buyer attention and promote sales, or seasonal items. Directional signage, hanging signs, end cap displays and banners in the store guide customers to the items they seek. Aisle and shelf signs focus the customer on the items you want them to see most. Floor decals spark ideas for impulse buying. Signage at the register captures that last impulse opportunity. Graphics on your delivery trucks put your name in front of your customer and other prospective buyers. Houston Sign Company understands how each of these very different types of signs, banners and decals help you optimize profits from a customer.

Directional Signage

Great signs can make finding your way around a lot easier. Directional signs and way finding signage can help move the traffic in your parking lot or through your building. We take these signs for granted, but without them our employees, customers and visitors would be lost.


Houston Sign Company produces high quality banners in full color up to 16 feet by 150 feet. We can print a single banner for a sale, trade show or event. We can also handle 500 banners for your next in store promotion or safety program.


Houston Sign Company can print, mount and laminate posters on a wide variety of papers and poster stock. We can do everything from paper posters, to framed posters on a foam board to a double sided poster that is sticky on one side to be placed on the window of your store front to advertise the promotion of the month. In addition to the posters we also have available frames to hold these posters, everything from standing in the isle of your retail store to special holders that can go on a wall.

Point of Purchase

Houston Sign Company can create unique Point of Purchase signs and displays to help you attract customers to a product or promotion. POP signage can include window decals and clings, styrene shelf talkers, posters, floor graphics, banners, endcap displays and parking lot graphics. Houston Sign Company is a full service printer and we can produce a single in-store display or complete promotional kits for multi-location distribution. Our production capabilities include printing, contour cutting, scoring, die cutting, and a wide array of finishing – such as mounting hardware, literature holders, Velcro closures, double stick tapes, and banner display stands.