The ADA Public Accommodations and Commercial Facilities (Title III) outlines minimum building accommodations with which commercial and public buildings must comply. Part of that compliance includes the proper signage near different features of your building so that it can remain as accessible as possible. We offer ADA-compliant signage to help you meet these requirements.

What Are ADA Signs?

ADA signs are simply signs which comply with the ADA standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which was signed into law on July 26, 1990. Requirements set by the ADA cover aspects of universal design in buildings that meet certain criteria, and accompanying ADA signage.

At Houston Sign, we offer standard and custom ADA signs that suit nearly every need that your business could have. The following products outline some of the more common requests we receive.

ADA-Compliant Restroom Signs

ADA signs HoustonIdentification signs, like those used for bathrooms in your facility, include picture standards. We provide ADA bathroom signs with the necessary pictures and braille readings. These signs can be custom to suit the unique needs of your business, or they can remain standard if no special circumstances are present. Contact us about these braille door signs today!

ADA Wayfinding Signs

ada entrance sign

ADA directional signage is needed in several places throughout your business, though the exits and entryways are perhaps the most notable. We offer standard or customized ADA-compliant designs to suit your business. Keep in mind that many of these signs require the use of certain colors and certain placement – our account manager will help you order the necessary signage for your business.

ADA Exit Signs

ADA exit signs Houston, TXExit signs are critical emergency features for all buildings, and that includes ADA exit signs for those with disabilities. These ADA wall signs must be placed at specific heights, must include braille and graphics of a specific size, and should accommodate all exits in your building. Contact an account manager today for further guidance.

Custom ADA Parking Signs

ADA parking sign HoustonDid you know that per the Texas Accessibility Standards, “At least one out of every eight spaces, but no less than one, must be made van-accessible,” in your business parking lot? Not only do we offer ADA-compliant parking signs, but we offer tow-away signs to legally enforce the accessible parking spaces at your lot as well.

ADA Door Signage for Offices, Bathrooms, & More

custom ADA signs HoustonYour ADA building signage must also include signs for seating areas, elevators, stairwells, ramps, alarms, fitting rooms, and could optionally include braille office signs, building directories, lobbies, etc. No matter the purpose, an account manager at Houston Sign can help you place the appropriate order for your needs!

Additional Types of ADA Signs

As a business owner, it’s important to know where to place your ADA braille signs. The following are examples of different types of common ADA compliant rooms signs you may need for your business or store:

  • No Smoking Signs
  • Wheelchair Accessible Signs
  • ADA Directional Signs
  • Telephone Signs
  • ADA Door Signs
  • Job Title Signs 
  • ADA Parking Signs
  • Room-Type Signs
  • ADA Wall Signs
  • Elevator Signs
  • Stairway Signs
  • ‘In Case of Fire Use Stairs’ Sign

At Houston Sign, we do our best to deliver quality business signs at a competitive price and turnaround.

ADA Signage Guidelines for Bathrooms, Parking, Exits, & More

More than 10 million Americans are considered blind or visually impaired. It is for their comfort and safety that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has set out guidelines for certain types of signs for Houston businesses. For example, signs that denote exits, bathrooms, and stairways in public buildings need to adhere to the ADA’s guidelines. Not only are these directional signs important for ADA compliance, but they’re good for all of your patrons too. This resource offers more ADA-accessible design guidance.

In addition, failing ADA compliance can result in fines up to $75,000 for the first violation and $150,000 for additional violations. For this reason, business owners should verify they have all their bases covered when it comes to ADA signage requirements. 

Fortunately, you don’t need advanced knowledge of ADA compliance regulations to purchase custom braille signage. The Houston Sign experts have your back to ensure your ADA signs are compliant and up to code. If you want to make sure you’re in compliance with the ADA signage requirements, here’s what you need to know.

Where Are ADA Signs Required?

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the majority of commercial and public-facing operations must abide by the standards. The following building and business types fall under ADA compliance guidelines:

  • Retail stores
  • Medical facilities
  • Commercial businesses
  • Libraries
  • Transportation facilities
  • Restaurants, cafes, and cafeterias
  • Public parks
  • Lodging
  • Government buildings

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ADA Sign Height Requirements

It’s important for signs to be eye level with most adults. This is why there are ADA height requirements for signs.

The lowest the sign can be mounted on the wall is 48 inches, which means the letters on the sign can’t be lower than 48 inches above the floor. There’s also an upper limit for the ADA sign mounting height, as the sign can’t be higher than 60 inches above the floor. The only exception is signage in elevator cars, which doesn’t have specific height requirements set by the ADA.

Permitted Locations for Signs

ADA interior signage requirements also address the allowable locations for signs. Basically, the signs must be properly placed in a space where someone who is blind or visually impaired could stand 3 inches away without risking being hit by a nearby door swinging out.

To stay within the ADA signage guidelines, you need to mount the sign to the wall that is on the latch side of any single door.

  • For rooms where there is not enough space on that wall, your ADA sign placement can be on the closest connecting wall
  • For rooms with double doors, you should mount the sign to the wall that is to the right of the right door
  • If one of the double doors does not open, you can mount the sign to the inactive door

Just note that for doors that swing out, you need to mount the sign just outside of the swinging door’s arc to ensure the door does not hit anyone as they try to read the sign. For doors that swing inward, you can mount the sign on the door only if the door closes automatically and you’re planning to mount it on the push side.

Text Requirements per ADA Guidelines

The ADA also dictates the details of any raised characters on signs. For example, both numbers and letters need to be raised by at least 1/32 inch. They need to be in uppercase and in a font that is sans serif (like Futura Medium, Arial Bold, Helvetica, Myriad, etc.), and they should have Grade 2 Braille right below them.

Additionally, the raised text on your signs should be anywhere from 5/8 inch tall to 2 inches tall. If you have any pictograms on your signs, such as the common symbols on restroom signs or handicapped parking signs, meet the required ADA contrast requirements (per ADA Chapter 7 Section 703.7.1), make sure they’re in their own 6-inch space and have a verbal description below them.

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ADA Sign Finishes

ADA signage guidelines extend to the finish and contrast of signs as well. The background and characters of the sign need to be in a non-glare finish, such as matte or eggshell. Also, all symbols and characters need to contrast with the sign’s background. You can choose whether you put dark characters on a light background or vice versa. Just make sure there is enough contrast that people can easily read the sign.

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