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You’re already paying for the use of your storefront windows, so why not put them to work with custom perforated window clings? Window perf printing is a great way to still let light into your store/office/restaurant while displaying your message for passers-by.

Benefits of Custom Perforated Window Graphics

A custom window perf has several benefits and advantages that traditional business signage in Houston may or may not include.

  • Easy to install
  • Customize to promote current specials – we can accommodate almost any design
  • Showcase your grand opening or reopening
  • Deflect potentially distracting sunlight or glare – can even help cut energy costs
  • Create the appearance of an opaque sign from the outside
  • Let natural light inside

perforated window decals for businesses

perforated window advertising decalssee-through window banners

Opaque vs. Perforated Vinyl Window Decals

In most cases, you can use standard window advertising decals or one-way perforated vinyl to achieve the same purpose – relaying your marketing message. However, there are different strengths and weaknesses for each medium.

Standard Window Decals

  • Inside or outside installation
  • Semi-permanent, self-adhesive window signs
  • Can be designed with clear-space to let light through the window

One-way Perforated Vinyl Window Film

  • Inside or outside installation (depending on where your marketing message is meant to be seen)
  • Great for marketing and privacy buffer
  • One-way window vinyl is relatively weather-resistant and durable

We offer several types of storefront signs in Houston, so don’t limit yourself to just one-way window signage. For instance, we offer custom banners, business posters, custom vinyl floor decals, feather flags, yard signage, and other retail signage displays that can help your business attract potential customers.

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We understand that you may only need one of your window perf signs, so we offer single runs. We also offer full color and can install your vinyl decal if needed. Learning how to install window perf is not overly complicated, so if you’d prefer taking the DIY approach, you can opt for that as well.

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  • Professional design
  • Full color
  • Short runs

Pro Tips

This is a great way to cover your storefront window or vehicle in promotional graphics while improving privacy.