Whether you’re a local business, property manager, or towing company tasked with supplying your own tow-away zone signs, Houston Sign Company can provide the towing signs you need.

Custom Tow-Away Signs

Towing signs come in all shapes and sizes. From Customer Parking Only to No Parking Anytime tow away zone signs, signage that is compliant with your municipal government can help you manage your designated parking spaces.

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Customer Parking Only

When visitors for neighboring businesses prevent your paying customers from parking in your private lot, it can have a negative impact on your bottom line. For local businesses near popular hang-outs like bars or other attractions, this can be a major reoccurring issue.

Getting a Customer Parking Only – Vehicles Will Be Towed sign can help free up spaces for customers that will keep you in business.

Are customer parking only signs legal? You need to have your spaces and entire lot clearly marked in order to legally enforce towing on your private lot. Get more details in the section near the bottom of this page.

Unauthorized Vehicles Will Be Towed Signs

Unauthorized parking signs are great for property managers and local business owners alike. When you have a private business lot or a parking lot designated for apartment residents or office leasees, your tenants will become very upset if parking isn’t available.

Unauthorized parking signs are great for warning outsiders that your parking spaces are not for their use. These signs can also keep you compliant with the tow-away zone sign rules in your municipality.

Don’t forget, creating parking permits and/or hanging tags for authorized vehicles is important to tow companies distinguishing between the two. If you’re a local business with non-permanent authorized vehicles, you may want to establish a parking validation system.

No Parking Towing Signs

No Parking – Towing Enforced signs can be applied in several helpful scenarios. They can be used for customer-only and unauthorized situations as described above. This messaging can also be combined with handicap parking signage and other ADA signage in Houston to prevent violators from parking in these spaces.

Tow-Away Sign Zone Rules in Houston

According to the Texas Towing and Booting Act, there are several tow-away sign zone rules that you must comply with as the owner/operator of private parking spaces.

For example, for parking restrictions, all entrances have to be clearly marked and your signs have to be permanently mounted on a permanent wall, permanent barrier, post, or pole. The bottom edge of the sign has to be at an elevation between five and eight feet above the ground. Your signs have to be weather-resistant material and at least 18″ wide by 24″ tall.

Signs for unauthorized parking warnings have to include the international towing symbol at the very top in bright red, and it must be at least four inches tall. Immediately following that, the words “Towing Enforced” need to appear in white over a bright red background, and they need to be at least two inches tall.

Next, bright red letters at least one inch tall that say “Unauthorized Vehicles Will Be Towed at Owner’s or Operator’s Expense,” must appear on a white background. In the same styling, you also must specify:

  • who can park in the facility
  • state that all others are prohibited from parking
  • specify the days and hours that towing will be enforced

Lastly, you need to include a phone number that operators can call 24/7 to find their vehicle, and it must consist of at least one-inch tall white letters on a bright red background.

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These signs are required where towing is enforced. Each state has specific guidelines.