Use Custom Medical Office Signs to Help Market Your Clinic or Facility

Recent technology has been a great asset to businesses such as health care practices. For example, you can use local search engine optimization practices to get potential patients in the door. That said, traditional marketing approaches such as signage still have a lot going for them. For one thing, clinic signage is relatively inexpensive and quite effective at reaching drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists—your future patients.

Combine the use of outdoor and indoor custom lobby signs in Houston to improve your business!

Instantly Communicate Your Message

You may be marketing for a grand opening. Or you could be using incentives such as discounted flu shots or discounted sports physicals to get new patients in your office. How do you communicate that easily and instantly?

Quality yard signs and grand opening banners can help! You can even design custom yard signs yourself or use templates. Thus, you can use designs, fonts, and colors that are consistent with your practice’s other materials. This is one way to help with branding and consistency and to establish your practice in potential patients’ minds.

Of course, one important thing to remember is that the space on your hospital sign is limited. Your message must be sharp and on target. A custom feather flag that says, “Accepting new patients,” may not do as well as, “$15 sports physicals all week! Just walk in.” (On the other hand, your marketing research may have turned up a serious need for doctors in the area, so “Accepting new patients,” could do great.)

Similarly, a sign or banner that says, “Grand opening today!” may not do as well as one that says, “Grand opening today! Free $75 tote bag for new patients.” That could be a good way to land long-term patients who come in on impulse, and getting business swag for promotions can be relatively inexpensive.

In any case, marketing with signs for medical clinics comes down to tried-and-true principles such as understanding your goals and knowing the result you want to see. Using the sports physicals example, you might aim to get, say, 10 new, ongoing patients as a result of the sign.

Keep Your Medical Office Sign Costs Down

It is normal to go through several marketing failures before doing well. Fortunately, aluminum signs and coroplast signs help keep your costs down as you experiment. For example, suppose your $15 sports physical offer only nets your practice five new patients. Maybe you find out later that the medical practice down the street does the physicals for $10 or you simply placed the sign on a corner of your lot that gets less traffic.

You don’t deserve to be out a lot of money. And you won’t be. Design a new sign with a different marketing message (maybe this time, you decide not to target patients who come in on impulse), and you will have the sign in a few days.

Street Advertising Builds Awareness

Having some kind of sign near the street on a frequent basis also helps build awareness of your medical practice. Someone might see your dentist office sign 10 times, 15 times, and then one day, have a cracked tooth that needs immediate attention. What comes to mind? The dental practice a few blocks over—and it springs to the patient’s mind so quickly because he or she sees the sign every day.

To give the best impressions possible, ensure that your sign is readable from a certain distance away (the specific distance varies depending on your circumstances). Use a sign letter visibility chart to perfect your signage. The sign should be clean and in good condition; luckily, replacing signs is easy and cost-effective.

No matter what type of health care practice you are opening, signs are a vital way of reaching prospective new patients. You can use them to announce grand openings, incentives and much more.


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