School districts have put together tentative plans for going back to school in the fall of 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many school reopenings are remote, while some districts have implemented a hybrid model that incorporates in-person classes. Any in-person classes may require plastic and plexiglass desk dividers for students, as well as increased social distancing signage and floor decals, and student drop-off and pick-up signage for safe transportation.

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Let Houston Sign be your go-to provider of social distancing barriers for schools and students. Our indoor and outdoor signage and barriers can be printed and cut for next day delivery in some cases.

Clear Plastic Barriers and Social Distancing Signs

According to the U.S. National Institute of Health, student desk placement and educating students about social distancing are among the most feasible health measures during a pandemic. Fortunately, plastic privacy shields can help create a favorable environment for both desks and social distancing.

In their communication, ‘Preparing K-12 School Administrators for a Safe Return to School in Fall 2020,’ the CDC mentions social distancing several times. School desk dividers and social distancing signs and floor decals can be used to help influence safe student movement and spacing.

Plastic Dividers for Schools

plastic privacy shields for student desks
School desk dividers, whether clear or opaque can help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in classrooms. Houston Sign has both see-through and opaque plastic dividers that can be cut to the exact dimensions your school desks require. Please contact us today, and work with an account manager to place your order and set a delivery date that works for you!

Social Distancing Floor Decals for Schools

social distancing barriers for schools
We have vinyl floor decals that can help set clear expectations for your students as they travel throughout the school building. Maintaining at least six feet of distance can help slow the spread of Coronavirus between students, teachers, and staff. By laying out easy-to-understand, and even customized floor stickers, you can protect your attendees.

Social Distancing Signs for Schools

social distancing signs for schools
Whether you can benefit from Houston yard signs to direct student pick-up and drop-off, banner printing in Houston to communicate transportation instructions or indoor/outdoor directional signs for foot and car traffic – we can help. Our account managers can work with you to secure signage for all aspects of your campus to improve safety measures.

Pricing for Plastic Barriers (Unit Pricing by Order Volume)

To learn more about the cost of plastic barriers for schools, take a look at the table below. We break down the unit cost of each divider based on your order volume. Take a look at the images to see what the different dimensions and windows mean for each of the table rows.

student desk dividersplastic dividers for schools

25 50 100 250
24″ x 23″ (1 Window) $29.99 $27.99 $26.49 $24.99
24″ x 23″ (3 Windows) $34.20 $32.20 $30.70 $29.20
24″ x 18″ (1 Window) $29.78 $27.78 $26.28 $24.78
24″ x 18″ (3 Windows) $33.99 $31.99 $30.49 $28.99
24″ x 16″ (1 Window) $29.57 $27.57 $26.07 $24.57
24″ x 16″ (3 Windows) $33.78 $31.78 $30.28 $28.78

Where to Buy Plastic Dividers

Houston Sign stocks several types of non-see-through and see-through materials to readily create plastic barriers for your school setting. We can create signage for and print on vinyl, coroplast, plastic film, acrylic, glass, MDO plywood, flexible corrugated plastic, and aluminum depending on your needs. Buying student desk partitions is as easy as contacting a Houston Sign account manager today!

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Houston Sign Company is the COVID-19 barrier headquarters for your school’s needs. From design to cut, we produce reliable plastic barriers and exceptional customer service. Feel free to browse our selection of school signs for other purposes as well!

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School plastic barriers are an easy way to enforce social distancing and slow the transmission of virus particles.