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Operating under the “new normal” is difficult for businesses. After all, new expenses have been added to the mix that have no positive effect on your revenue (other than keeping it above zero). In essence, COVID-19 business signs can feel like a tax. As a small business that has been serving Houston since 1946, we recognize this and do our best to deliver competitively priced signage to our neighbors.

Coronavirus Signs for Businesses in Houston

Returning to work doesn’t have to be difficult or dangerous if you operate in an office or storefront. COVID-19 store signs can help elevate your current mix of storefront signs, and the proper safety posters for Coronavirus can enhance your office signs in Houston too.

The following mix of COVID-19 signage for business can be used for a successful return to work.

Floor Decal Signage for COVID-19

social distancing signs for businesses
Vinyl floor decals are an excellent way to encourage social distancing in the workplace. Not only can they be used as directional signage, but they can be physically spaced to represent the CDC guidance on social distancing. You can apply our COVID-19 floor stickers to hardwood, concrete, tile, and laminate while maintaining quality and purpose.

COVID-19 Door Signs & Window Perf

window signage for COVID-19

Perforated window decals in Houston can help safely direct the inward and outward flow of traffic at your office or place of business. Using the right combination of Coronavirus signs for business like floor decals, directional signs, and window graphics allows you to control foot traffic and implement social distancing.

Social Distancing Poster for Coronavirus

COVID-19 social distancing posters for business

Our Houston poster printing capabilities can support your COVID-19 business signs. These posters for Coronavirus can communicate CDC guidance, unique business policies, or helpful tips about your office dynamic that can keep employees healthy. The CDC even has print resources available for public use that support these goals.

Plastic Barriers/Dividers for Coronavirus

COVID-19 plastic barriers

Plastic dividers for desks are very popular variation of school signage for COVID-19 recently. These barriers are just as important for your office or business. Keeping a physical barrier between you and your customers is an excellent way to slow the spread of Coronavirus.

Learn More About Our Clear Social Distancing Barriers – Clearview Partitions

Clearview Partitions are designed to aid in social distancing within public spaces. These transparent systems will provide your customers with the confidence to return to their active lifestyle at places such as the gym, restaurant, office, and retail locations. The applications are practically endless. These partitions are simple to assemble, easy to clean, functional, and easy to store.

Partition Size Weight Thickness
4′ x 6′ 20 lbs. 16mm
4′ x 8′ 30 lbs. 16mm

COVID-19 business signs/barriers - Houston

Pricing for Clear COVID-19 Social Distancing Barriers

See our pricing table below to determine the unit cost for your order depending on the volume and dimension you require.

Partition Size 10 25 50+
4′ x 6′ $307.39 $246.54 $221.16
4′ x 8′ $353.39 $353.39 $265.16


Check out Houston Sign’s Clearview Partitions catalog for more information on these clear plastic barriers that may help slow the transmission of COVID-19.
Clearview Partititions Catalog

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The several products above are only a portion of what our sign company in Houston can offer your business. We provide quality banners, wall wraps and graphics, feather flags, and anything you need to successfully promote your business to passers-by.

Speak to one of our account managers today to discuss your COVID-19 business sign needs, and we’ll steer you in the right direction!


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