Why Use Removable Clings for Aluminum Vehicles?

Vehicle clings are an effective way to advertise a business, product, service, or even beliefs. Vehicle branding isn’t restricted to a specific industry, like transportation; anyone can use the clings on their vehicles.

What Are Removable Vehicle Clings?

Removable vehicle clings are precisely what the name implies. Non-static clings use a residue-free film to adhere to the vehicle. The material essentially works like micro suction cups and sticks to the vehicle, glass, wall, or other smooth surfaces. You can easily switch the cling designs out or remove the product entirely when you no longer want to use your car for advertising.

Features & Benefits

Not only are removable clings a breeze to install without the assistance of a professional, but they are also easy to remove. You don’t need to spend much time scrubbing the film off; it peels easily away from the vehicle. This results in savings on maintenance, installation, and cleaning costs. The less money you spend on decal advertising means more funds going towards growing your business!

While these are great features, they are not the only benefits you get with removable cling stickers. In addition, these removable clings can last for years. The product essentially pays for itself over time.

Customization is rarely an issue with removable vehicle stickers. You can design them using either text or graphics — you can also mix the type of content. The design possibilities are almost endless. Creating unique vehicle clings can also help your brand become notable. Imagine the uptick in sales when your cling goes viral on social media.

With benefits like these, it makes sense to consider using our affordable removable clings to promote your brand in Houston!

Why Removable Clings Are A Great Alternative to Magnetic Signs

Traditional magnetic signs have a few similarities to these new removable clings, but there are a few reasons why you may want to choose one over the other.

Reusable Clings vs. Magnetic Signs for Aluminum Vehicles

Car magnets are popular vehicle branding options. For decades, magnetic signs were used by large and small businesses on their company and personal vehicles. The signs are held in place by magnets and are relatively easy to install and remove. Simply attach the sign to the doors, trunk, or hood, and you are ready to start advertising your brand.

While magnetic signs are an effective way to advertise your brand, they also have one small disadvantage over removable clings. Magnetic signs only adhere to vehicles with steel frames, and many vehicles today are aluminum. So if your company car has aluminum body panels instead of steel, removable cling technology would be a better option.

Let’s take a closer look at these types of reusable auto graphics. Removable film clings adhere easily to aluminum vehicles, using a non-adhesive backing that keeps the product securely attached to the car. This film is reusable and will not damage your vehicle’s paint or exterior, regardless of how many times you put the sign on and take it off.

In addition, you also have plenty of design options with removable clings. So whether you have a food truck, large trailer, or compact Mini Cooper, you can count on our removable business signage to effectively deliver your message.

Replace Traditional Magnets with Removable Clings from Houston Sign

Chances are your company and employee vehicles have aluminum bodies. If so, it might be time to replace your vehicle magnets with Houston Sign’s new removable clings. You want the removable cling to reflect your brand accurately, and our graphic designers can help you with just that. Whether you are looking for creativity or a simple logo, our experts can assist with all your Houston vehicle cling needs. So if you’re ready to reach a broader audience simply by driving around town, get started with us today!

Call the Houston Sign team at (713) 701-9741 to order your removable clings now!

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