Best Material for Outdoor Signs

When you purchase an outdoor sign, you need to make sure that it is produced from material that can withstand the effects of inclement weather.

Luckily, there are several outdoor sign materials that work well and are resistant to most exterior conditions.

4 Types of Signage Material for Outdoor Use

Before you purchase a sign, consider which types of signage material is the best choice for your location and needs. The best yard sign companies will offer you a variety of options for your upcoming signage needs.


Aluminum is one of the best materials for outdoor signs because it’s lightweight, strong, and affordable. There are three popular options for outdoor aluminum signs.

The smallest has a .04-gauge thickness that makes it perfect for real estate and political signs.

The next thickness tier is .080-gauge aluminum, which is a good option for street signs.

The thickest option is .125-gauge aluminum used to make heavy-duty signs like the ones you see on the highway.

We’ve found that aluminum is the go-to for tow-away signs, outdoor school signs, and even some types of property management signs in Houston.


Outdoor vinyl banner material is a popular option because the signs are relatively inexpensive and easy to transform. A sign made of vinyl may not last as long as one made from metal, but vinyl gives you an opportunity to advertise an upcoming sale at your business or call attention to a new retail or office location.

Vinyl also makes an excellent option when you want to order custom signage for election campaigns. Campaigns usually last less than a year, so you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a material that will last longer than that. With the right level of care, you can still expect vinyl to last several months or years.


Many people think that Dibond is the perfect exterior sign board material. Dibond has a plastic core that gives it exceptional strength. Unlike other outdoor plastic sign materials, it has an aluminum surface that’s attractive and resilient to weather.

You can also have Dibond signs cut into practically any shape or size. If you want unique dimensions for your sign, then Dibond is a good option that you should consider. It costs slightly more than aluminum, but it’s 10 times as strong. This material is great for wholesale yard letters that can be used for birthdays, promotions, and other occasions.


Looking for something with more class than outdoor plastic sign materials? Try dura-wood. Dura-wood looks and feels like wood, but it can resist harsh weather better than untreated wood signage.

You can have custom dura-wood signs made in any size or shape. If you want an over-sized, two-sided sign that can resist the weather and look professional for years to come, you should keep dura-wood at the top of your list.


Polyester is frequently used for outdoor feather flags, and can generally withstand the elements for months to years depending on the conditions. Contact us for more information on your feather banner needs.

Waterproofing Outdoor Signs

Since you plan to place your sign outdoors, you need to know how to make an outdoor sign waterproof.

Some materials already have waterproof features that will protect them from rain and snow. If you have a sign made of dura-wood, Dibond, vinyl, or aluminum, then you already have the waterproof features that you need. Other materials need a little help.

For wood, you can coat the sign in a water-repellent that will whisk away water before it has an opportunity to cause any damage. You can also choose paints that have waterproofing properties. Plastic edge caps will also help protect your sign, especially if a storm’s heavy winds cause the sign to collide with other surfaces.

Outdoor wayfinding signs are usually created using aluminum or sometimes waterproofed acrylic. Makers of commercial real estate signs frequently opt for plastic edge caps on acrylic. Custom banners in Houston are sometimes used outside, but they are prone to the weather and may need to be replaced after extended outdoor use.

If you make a sign out of paper, you can “waterproof” it by wrapping it in tape. Obviously, this won’t last very long, but it’s a good solution for signs that you only plan to use for a few days.

How to Make an Outdoor Sign for My Business

If you’re interested in making business signs that drive traffic to your store, restaurant, or office location, trust the experts at Houston Sign. A professional design is the first step toward creating an effective outdoor business sign. Whether you’re in need of storefront signs, restaurant signs, retail signs, or custom office signs, our team can deliver a professionally designed and manufactured sign tailored to you.


Are you ready to order custom signage made from the best material for outdoor signs? Are you tired of Houston sign companies that aren’t experts at their craft?

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