Political Yard Signs: What You Need to Know

Political yard signs have been a staple of American political campaigns for years, as they provide an effective way for people to endorse or promote a cause or a candidate. But, just as all political candidates are not the same, political yard signs can vary in style, quality, and appearance. The only question is, how do you choose the right one? Here is what you need to know about political yard signs.

Why Invest in Political Lawn Signs?

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Political yard signs are one of the most popular methods for building awareness and voter support for campaigns. Despite the advancement of social media and internet technology, this approach holds steady as a powerful campaign boon. These powerful tools achieve the following four goals:

  • Create allegiance
  • Have a viral effect
  • Statistical backing
  • Build a brand or name

These signs remain a relevant type of grassroots marketing for all kinds of campaigns, propelling candidates and causes to victory for decades. Moreover, signage can influence voters and sometimes even be the deciding factor in elections, especially in tight races.

People tend to look to others for cues on how to act, so election yard signs have a viral effect. In addition, when candidates print yard signs and pass them out to supporters, it forms a type of allegiance and camaraderie. And lastly, when a candidate has political yard signs up, it creates a way to keep their name or brand top of mind with voters.

Choosing Style and Color for Political Yard Signs

Yard signs are excellent advertisements and come in all kinds of colors, fonts, shapes, and sizes. In general, the simpler the sign, the better. This is because most people notice the signs while driving, so a message must be made clear and be “taken in” by a viewer in about three seconds.

While simple is better, color makes a big difference. Of course, it costs a bit more to print signs in color, but it’s worth the extra investment because colors stand out more and are more noticeable. Plus, bright colors are memorable, making every sign more significant and giving the campaign a better chance of sticking in the viewer’s mind when it comes time to vote.

Choosing political lawn signs that are just one color or black and white are not as memorable as those in color. However, if you are making an effort to have signage printed, it is worth the cost to make those signs stand out like they are meant to.

Need some political sign ideas for upcoming local elections? Check out these election sign design tips from the pros at Houston Sign!

Other Considerations for Election Yard Signs

If you are considering creating outdoor signs for a campaign, you need to contemplate a few other things in addition to color. First, decide what size(s) your signs will be. Those that are too small will be unreadable by passers-by in three seconds.

However, those that are too large will be a distraction, especially if they are so big that they block the view of drivers. The design experts at Houston Sign recommend using 4ft x 4ft (48in x 48in) and 4ft x 8ft (48in x 96in) campaign signs for maximum effectiveness. Design your own election yard sign today with Houston Sign’s easy-to-use custom design studio. We offer single-sided and double-sided coroplast yard signs made from durable, weather-resistant material.

In addition, consider any legal ramifications and rules regarding political signage. Many communities have homeowners associations with rules regarding yard signage, so you do not want any of your signs placed anywhere with regulations against it. Avoid fines and potential backlash by checking with property owners, HOAs, local ordinance officers, and landlords for permission before posting campaign yard signs.

But don’t stop at signs—you can also get noticed with election bumper stickers, vehicle decals and magnets, car toppers, and more!

Choosing the Right Partner for Political Campaign Yard Signs

Just as important as your design and colors for campaign signs is the company you choose to produce them. Make sure you select a full-service sign company with a longstanding reputation for high-quality products and a quick turnaround time.

In addition, you will want a company that uses a full array of graphic production programs, machines, and capabilities that can produce everything from large format digital printing to vehicle graphics to yard signs. Finally, you should want all your signage to look the same in order to create brand familiarity.

Since 1946, Houston Sign Company has been serving local businesses and campaigns in the Greater Houston area. Contact us online today or call us at 713-701-9741 to speak with an account manager about how our signage options can support your campaign!

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