Top 5 Reasons to Advertise Your Business with Interior Graphics

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Graphic design — the use of letters and simple shapes — is a part of our daily life, even if we don’t notice it. Thanks to graphics, stop signs, movie credits, and the wrapper on your favorite candy bar are all possible. When most people think about interior design, they don’t often think about incorporating graphics. But graphic design can be a powerful tool for making your brand clear to everyone who walks in the door.

How to Use Graphic Design in Interior Spaces

Using interior graphics for branding is more complex than putting a copy of your logo on the wall. Repeating elements of your logo, including the color palette and typeface, reinforces your brand throughout a retail or commercial space — and that’s important.

But graphic design offers more than simply aesthetic appeal. It can improve the way traffic flows in your office, provide information, make spaces more functional, and appeal to the aesthetics of your customer base, all while strengthening the position of your brand.

Wall Wraps

Wall wraps provide a stunning visual impact when clients walk in the door. Wall wraps include various options, such as vinyl murals, wall overlay panels, full wall decals, and more. Wall graphics let customers know where they are and set a tone.

It’s not necessary to cover every wall in your office with your company graphics. Instead, use wall wraps as an alternative to traditional lobby signs, and strategically include your company’s name, logo, or quotes from your mission statement.

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Floor Decals

Floor decals aren’t just for sports arenas. Floor decal stickers can adhere to hardwood, laminate, tile, and concrete. They can last for several years with the proper care. Not only are they an excellent addition to your permanent interior design, but floor decals are also a good option for trade shows and other temporary spaces where permanent signage is not practical.

Environmental Graphics

Environmental graphics can be literal scenes of the outdoors that create an environment in your interior space. They provide a unique way to enhance the identity of your office and create a stimulating atmosphere for both employees and customers.

Environmental wall graphics are available as cling murals, vinyl window film, metal plaques, and more.

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5 Benefits of Interior Graphics

Whether you decide to use floor decals, wall wraps, or incorporate many types of interior signs, consider the following benefits graphic wall art can offer.

1. Reinforces Your Brand

Successful brand building can make or break a business these days. Strategic placement of signage helps with brand awareness and fosters customer loyalty.

2. Adds Visual Interest to the Space

Graphic design can be beautiful as well as informative. It helps create an overall look that creatively expresses your brand’s mission. Your design is successful when a client walks into your office, gets a sense of who you are, and feels welcomed by the visual atmosphere.

3. Serves as Directional Signage

Graphic elements help you take advantage of every opportunity to build your brand identity, even your directional signage. Signs don’t have to be boring. In fact, they’re more effective when they’re not. Incorporating floor decals as part of your signage adds function and eliminates wall clutter in a smaller office.

Using your brand’s color scheme and font on directional signage helps establish that your business is organized and professional. You’re the kind of company that thinks of all of the details.

4. Ensures Compliance and Inclusivity

Some graphics are necessary, like signs that point to public spaces, exits, and restrooms. This type of signage needs to be ADA compliant. Adding braille and other forms of tactile lettering helps make your workplace inclusive. But remember, ADA-compliant signs don’t have to be the traditional blue color. You can create custom signage in line with your overall brand design for a personalized touch.

5. Keeps Your Business Organized

Instead of having dozens of different signs throughout your workspace telling employees where to put recyclables or where office supplies are stored, incorporate that information into your graphic design. Just as you can customize direction signage to reinforce your brand’s aesthetic, you can use wall graphics, decals, and other forms of graphic design to keep your place of business organized.

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Graphic design enhances your brand’s presence, making a retail or office space look polished. Houston Sign Company can help you create a design plan to improve your interior space and increase brand recognition.

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